The new Diagnosis Development Committee (DDC) will be working very closely with the Research Committee over the next cycle, with the following goals in mind:

  1. Review the literature to identify the most commonly used nursing diagnoses in a variety of settings
  2. Ensure these diagnoses are updated, beginning with a review of literature and assigning a level of evidence for diagnosis validity studies on the diagnoses/phenomena of concern
  3. Develop research protocols for diagnosis validation work that are supported by NANDA-I, to encourage studies using research methods that will provide the best evidence for diagnoses, particularly to identify the critical defining characteristics (signs/symptoms that must be present for a diagnosis to be made)
  4. Reach out to members and content experts to implement research studies on diagnoses requiring additional research, using the methods approved by NANDA-I.

Members of the new DDC met in Boston during the conference, and the Research Committee will be meeting shortly. Keep an eye out here for calls for experts to participate in “Task and Finish Groups” – these will be diagnosis specific teams who will work within a structure outlined by the DDC and Research Committees to revise diagnoses, and elevate the level of evidence to support them in clinical practice.

Dr. Heather Herdman, Director of Diagnosis Development & Dr. Kay Avant, Director of Research