Membership – Join Us!



REGULAR MEMBERSHIP ($125 for 2 years)

NANDA-I Regular Membership fees are based on a three-tier structure which categorizes countries of the world as Country Class I, Country Class II and Country Class III. We base our Country Class Structure on an adaptation of the World Bank’s classification of countries by income, which is also adapted by the United Nations and the World Health Organization.* It is our hope this will enable more individuals with interest in the work of NANDA-I, to participate in setting the future direction of the organization.

  • Open to those who meet their country’s requirements for professional nursing licensure.
  • Regular Members vote, hold office and serve on committees.
  • Members in all Country fee categories receive all membership benefits, including online access to the International Journal of Nursing Knowledge at no additional charge.


The NANDA-I Student Membership Fee is available to members whose undergraduate student status has been verified with NANDA International. Student status is NOT available for students in post-graduate, master´s, doctoral or specialization courses of study.

  • Open to matriculating undergraduate students.
  • Verification of student status required for $45 fee.
  • Student membership is limited to three years, after which members are welcome to renew as a Regular Member (if eligible).
  • Student Members do not vote, hold office or serve on committees, however are welcome to participate in all other activities of the Association.

Student Status Verification Letter Requirements

  • Letters must include the student’s full name and email address. If this information is not included, we cannot follow up and the application for student status will not be processed.
  • Letters must be on official letterhead of your University, and must be signed by your academic advisor or program dean.
  • The letter must specify the year of your educational program (e.g., senior year, last semester, third year, etc.), and that this is an educational program for your first nursing degree.

RETIRED MEMBERSHIP ($90 for 2 years)

  • Open to those who have retired from active nursing practice. PLEASE NOTE this is not a valid option for NANDA-I Fellows.
  • Retired Members vote, hold office and serve on committees.


  • Open to vendors and organizations relating to nursing education, practice, research or representation (e.g. ANA).
  • Associate Members do not vote, hold office or serve on committees, however are welcome to participate in all other activities of the Association.

NANDA-I Fellow ($250 for 2 Years)

This category reflects those who have been selected as NANDA-I Fellows. The community of NANDA International Fellows represents nursing leaders with standardized nursing language expertise in the areas of education, administration, clinical practice, informatics and research. Their professional roles include: association/organization executives; chancellors, deans and university professors; clinical nurse specialists and nurse practitioners; nurse consultants; journal/book editors and authors; researchers and entrepreneurs. Fellows contribute their time and energies to the organization in a variety of areas, such as mentorship and work on special projects, in order to move forward the goal to provide evidence-based clinical decision support to nurses worldwide. Fellows may also serve the organization as media sources and consultants.