NANDA-I Fellows

The community of NANDA-I Fellows represents nursing leaders with standardised nursing language expertise in the areas of education, administration, clinical practice, informatics and research. NANDA-I Fellows contribute their time and energy to the organisation in a variety of areas, in order to move forward the goal to provide evidence-based clinical decision support to nurses worldwide. NANDA-I welcomed its first class of Fellows during its 40th Anniversary Conference in 2012.



In 2018, at the NANDA-I 45th Anniversary Conference, seven individuals were selected as NANDA-I Fellows. Please join us in celebrating their leadership!

  1. Camila Takao Lopes, PhD, RN   
  2. Catherine P. Murphy, EdD, RN
  3. Emilia Campos de Carvalho, PhD, RN
  4. Jean O’Neil, PhD, RN
  5. Laura Rossi, PhD, RN
  6. Marcos Venicios de Oliveira Lopes, PhD, RN
  7. Viviane Martins da Silva, PhD, RN


Inaugurial Class of 2014

Dr. Kay Avant (USA)

Dra. Alba Lucia Bottura Leite de Barros (Brazil)


Dr. Jane Brokel (USA)

Lynda Carpenito-Moyet (USA)

Dr. Martha Craft-Rosenberg (USA)

Dr. Marjory Gordon (USA)

Dr. T. Heather Herdman (USA)

Dr. Marion Johnson (USA)

Dr. Dorothy A. Jones (USA)

Dr. Shigemi Kamitsuru (Japan)

Dr. Mary Ann Lavin (USA)

Dr. Sue Moorhead (USA)

Dr. Maria Müller-Staub (Switzerland)

Dr. Anne Perry (USA)

Leann M. Scroggins (USA) 

Dr. Dickon Weir-Hughes (UK/France)

Class of 2016

Dra. Miriam de Abreu Almeida (Brazil)

Carme Espinosa Fresnedo (Andorra)

Dr. Fintan Sheerin (Republic of Ireland)

Dr. Jane Flanagan (USA)

Dr. Noreen A. Frisch (Canada)

Class of 2018

Dra. Camila Takao Lopes (Brazil)

Dr. Catherine Murphy (USA)

Profa. Dra. Emilia Campos de Carvalho (Brazil)

Dr. Jean O’Neil (USA)

Dr. Laura Rossi (USA)

Prof. Dr. Marcos Venicios de Oliveira Lopes (Brazil)

Profa. Dra. Viviane Martins da Silva (Brazil)