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December 10, 2020

I am sad to announce that Mercedes Ugalde Apalategui died after a short illness, just a few days ago. She was a reference not only for Spanish nurses, but for nurses at an international level. Within NANDA-I, she was a member of the inaugural class of NANDA-I Fellows in 2012.

She was one of the first Spanish NANDA members, and very quickly she become a very active one. At a time when very few nurses in Spain knew about or were interested in nursing diagnoses, she was a visionary. Together with a group of other Spanish nurses, Mercedes created AENTDE, the Spanish Association for Nursing Nomenclature, Taxonomy, and Diagnoses.

Her very close relationship with NANDA first and, with NANDA International thereafter, and also with the Nursing Intervention and Nursing Outcomes Classifications (NIC and NOC) made it possible for Spanish nurses to connect with representatives of those organizations, who very often visited Spain, bringing with them their knowledge about NANDA-I nursing diagnoses, NIC interventions, and NOC outcomes.

Her very good relationship with NANDA, and then with NANDA-I, opened the possibility for Spanish nurses to become active members of the organization, and NANDA-I and AENTDE have always maintained a close relationship.

Mercedes Ugalde left us a great inheritance of knowledge that we all must cultivate and grow. Her smile, her passion, and her dedication will certainly be missed.

Rest in peace, dear colleague and friend!

Carme Espinosa

President, NANDA International

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