Membership & External Relations

Membership & External Relations Committee:

Formulates and implements strategies for:

(a) membership recruitment & retention, and
(b) maintenance and development of the relationships of the Association globally.

The committee will conduct membership initiatives, monitor membership data and trends, and recommend marketing plans. The committee will maintain relations with other professional and specialty organizations, make recommendations to the Board about collaborative initiatives, and collaborate with other committees to assure consistent representation of the Association to the nursing and health-related communities.

The committee is chaired by the Secretary/Treasurer of the Board of Directors. The Executive Director assists the committee to assure accurate and timely membership enrollment and services, press releases, and other matters related to external relations.

Strategic Plan Responsibilities

Advance/Enhance Member Benefits

  1. Improve website information
  2. Conference planning
  3. Travel course applied learning (university and healthcare centers – Ireland, Spain, Japan)