Membership in NANDA can help you grow as a nursing professional in many ways. Find out more about the available opportunities you will have for….

Creating Global Connections:

Meet with other nurses from around the globe who share an interest in standardized language. Share your views and learn how other cultures view health care. Consult with experts from all over the globe to discuss specific issues related to clinical decision making.

Advancing Your Career

Work with committees to refine and develop knowledge about the human responses that nurses identify and address in practice. Learn how others are implementing systems to improve clinical decision making in nursing. Achieve recognition for work in practice, education and research to advance standardized nursing language.

Saving Money on Essential Resources

Receive access to the official NANDA International Journal of Nursing Knowledge as well as discounts on books, conferences and educational programs.

**Membership fees are based on a three-tier structure based on World Bank’s classification of countries by income. Continue through to check out to receive final pricing based on your country’s economic status.

    Associate Membership

    $125 / year

    Businesses and Organizations, along with non-nurses, can support the work of NANDA-I by joining as an Associate Member. Your funding helps advance our work on standardized nursing language.

    NANDA-I Fellow (Must be inducted as a NANDA-I fellow to purchase)

    $250 every 2 years

    Please note that only individuals who have been inducted as Fellows of NANDA International should use this category.

    Please see this link if you are interested in applying for consideration to become a Fellow of NANDA-I (FNI).

    Regular Membership

    $125 every 2 years

    Regular membership is available to any licensed, professional nurse (e.g., a registered nurse) who has completed either an Associate Degree or Baccalaureate Degree, or higher, in nursing. Regular members are voting members of the Association.

    Retired Membership

    $100 every 2 years

    Retired membership is available for nurses who are no longer working full time in the nursing field, once they have reached 60 years of age or older.

    Undergraduate Student Membership

    $50 / year

    Undergraduate student membership is available only for those who do not yet hold a professional nursing degree or license (those currently in their Associate’s Degree or Baccalaureate nursing program). This membership is NOT for those pursuing graduate level education. We require a letter, on the letterhead of your university/college, indicating your enrollment as a student and the year in which you are a student in  your program.

    Student Certification

    Maximum file size: 10MB

    *You will be prompted to upload your letter before completing your application*