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Welcome to the NANDA Foundation

The NANDA Foundation, Inc., is an independent, not-for-profit organization that exists to promote nursing science research specifically in the areas of critical thinking, standardized nursing languages and their development, and the implementation of such work through the mediums of informatics and education. We work to support the work of our ‘sister’ not-for-profit Association, NANDA International, and work closely with its Board of Directors. We are based at Boston College School of Nursing, Chestnut Hill, Boston, MA, USA, but our work and our Board are international.

We were founded in 1996 by Dr. Dorothy Jones, EdD, RNC, FAAN, FNI who served as the Foundation’s President for 23 years.

We hope that you will find these website pages interesting but if you have a question please do reach out to us at

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Our Governance:

The Foundation is incorporated as a 501 (c) (6) not-for-profit organization in the state of Wisconsin, USA. On a day-to-day basis we operate in accordance with our bylaws, which provide a blueprint for the President and the Directors the operation of the organization. Unlike NANDA International, we’re not a membership organization so our President and Directors aren’t elected but are appointed by the Board. We meet, remotely, at least six times a year. Our Board is international and is entirely volunteer led and managed. We have no paid staff.


Our Board:

  • Dr. Shigemi Kamitsuru, PhD, RN, FNI, President (since 2022) (Japan)
  • Dr. Kay Avant, PhD, RN, FNI, FAAN, Director (since 2014) (USA)
  • Dr. Miriam Rodriguez-Monforte, PhD, RN, RD (since 2022) (Spain)
  • Dr. Silvia Caldeira, PhD, RN, (since 2022) (Portugual)


Grant awards – overview, application  and engagement processes


The Foundation usually makes a call for grant applications annually. These are announced here on our website and are circulated via mailing lists and will appear on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. To join our mailing list please email:

We have three main categories for awards:

  • The NANDA Foundation Awards, for general nursing science research related to standardized nursing language and developing new nursing knowledge and diagnoses
  • The Marjory Gordon Scholarships, for research related to critical thinking and / or which refines existing nursing diagnoses
  • The Gerard Stone Nursing Informatics Scholarships, for research related to the implementation of nursing knowledge via the medium of information technology

The Foundation will not fund: tuition fees, fees for paid for open access publishing, regular computer office and computer equipment, travel expenses and conference fees. If in doubt, please ask us a question by email.

Application process:

Upon request, applicants will be sent an application form for completion by the closing date. Our Board members then evaluate each application against our criteria. Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their applications by email. Occasionally, an interview (by Zoom) will be organized.

Engagement process:

Successful applicants will be sent a Grant Award Agreement Form to complete and sign as the first part of the engagement process. This sets up the reporting expectations and the options for sharing the outputs from the project. These normally include submitting a new or revised nursing diagnosis to NANDA International, and a publication and / or paper presented at the NANDA International Conference.


Best practice center

We encourage colleagues from around the world to share best practice and to purposefully network with one another to improve patient care globally.


Ongoing projects:

2020 Awards

IDPrincipal InvestigatorProject title
1.20Dr. Suellen Emidio, Lecturer, Anhanguera University, BrazilClinical validation of the defining characteristics of nursing diagnoses related to breastfeeding
3.20Susana Miguel, PhD student, Institute of Health Sciences, Catholic University of Portugal, PortugalNursing diagnoses ‘disturbed body image’ and situational low self-esteem’ in head and neck cancer patients: differential clinical validation using Q methodology
4.20Iyanuoluwa Oreofe Ojo, Lecturer, Department of Nursing, University of Ibadan, NigeriaNurse led intervention on nurses documentation of nursing diagnostics in a state hospital in Nigeria
5.20Luca Bertocchi, PhD student, University of L’Aquila, ItalyImpact of nursing diagnoses on patient and organizational outcomes: a systematic review update
2020 NANDA Foundation Award Recipients


Contact Us

As a volunteer led, international, organization we operate virtually. Whilst our office base is at the Boston College School of Nursing, the quickest and easiest way of reaching the Foundation is by email: