About Us

The NANDA-I Network Group: Peru was established in 2010.


Dr. Ruth A. Aliaga Sánchez

Dr. Roxana Obando Zegarra


General Objective

To promote the development of the NANDA-I Network: Peru for the advancement of knowledge and practice of scientific, evidence-based nursing diagnosis, with the integration, cooperation and synergy of its members, generating alternatives of transformation strengthened by the NANDA-I nursing diagnostic language.

Specific Objectives

  1. To develop research in the context of the NANDA-I taxonomy to contribute to comprehensive care.
  2. To implement methodologies for education on NANDA-I nursing language during the teaching-learning process between students and professors.
  3. To validate NANDA-I nursing diagnosis in clinical healthcare areas.
  4. To articulate theory and practice with a base in critical thinking and diagnosis.

Our Vision

To become a network of excellence in nursing diagnosis, as a member organization of NANDA international, as well as in continuous, innovative continuing education and improvement of the scientific evidence-based applicability of diagnostic methodology, with a collaborative policy and strategic alliances with health, educational and socio-political systems organizations.

The network of excellence shall have collaborative leadership for the accomplishment of propositions of nursing diagnosis based on comprehensive assessment, for safe and timely intervention, according to ethical principles in the different levels of health care, strengthening the management, teaching and research components.