About Network Groups

NANDA International began to allow NANDA-I Network Groups in 2016, as a response to requests from members in many countries for a local chapter or group that could serve as a meeting space to share ideas, projects, research and teaching methods. In 2018, the NANDA-I Bylaws were amended to incorporate these Network Groups, and rules were established to prevent unauthorized use of our work, logo, and / or publications.

  • Network Groups provide a framework for NANDA-I members to foster the work of NANDA–I and promote membership within a country, region, language, or clinical specialty.
  • Each Network Group must designate a Coordinator, who is a regular member of NANDA-I, to serve as the liaison between the Network Group and the Board of Directors.

This Coordinator must be voted upon by the members at least every two years, and no coordinator can serve more than two terms.

  • All coordinators must have strong skills in English language, and be able to converse and write in English, as it is the official language of the Association.
  • All members of Network Groups must be active members of NANDA-I; a minimum of ten regular NANDA-I members are required in order to form a Network Group.
  • Network Groups shall be operated according to NANDA-I Bylaws and Network Group policies and shall not have separate leadership structures or committees without approval from the Board of Directors.
  • Annual reports must be provided to the NANDA-I Board of Directors.
  • These groups may not request or require additional fees from members for local dues, without the express written consent of the NANDA-I CEO.
  • The name of NANDA-I, its logo, and/or any copyrighted NANDA-I information may not be used by the Network Groups without the express, written consent of the NANDA-I CEO.
  • Groups may not sponsor conferences or seminars using the NANDA-I name without the express, written consent of the NANDA-I CEO.
  • The Board of Directors reserves the right to dissolve a Network Group that does not function in accordance with the aims and objectives of the organization and its bylaws.

If you are interested in starting a NANDA-I Network Group in your country or language group, please contact: preselect@nanda.org