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Announcing a New NANDA-I Educational Course

February 10, 2021

I am excited to share that NANDA-I’s first online course, titled “Introduction to Nursing Diagnosis” (English version), is now available. This course is the culmination of our first piece of work from the Education & Clinical Innovation Task Force, and our partners at The Marjory Gordon Program for Knowledge Development and Clinical Reasoning, at Boston College.  Special thanks to Drs. Dorothy Jones and Heather Herdman, and many individuals at Boston College in the Connell School of Nursing, Center for Digital Innovation in Learning, and Continuing Education Division.

This online, non-credit course will ensure knowledge of the NANDA-I terminology (the nursing diagnoses) and taxonomy (how the diagnoses are categorized), and application of assessment and nursing diagnosis in clinical care. It provides opportunities to think through the process of using nursing diagnosis (e.g., differential diagnosis, prioritization) and to increase expertise with various nursing diagnoses. Designed to be interactive, the course includes hands-on activities, quizzes, and a variety of videos covering key information and clinical reasoning with case studies. 

Upon successful completion of the course, a NANDA-I certificate of completion is printable. Additionally, Continuing Education Contact Hours are available from the Boston College Connell School of Nursing Continuing Education Program. 

The course is intended for nursing student and nurses, including nurses in all types of healthcare settings, nurse educators, and nurse researchers. NANDA-I terminology provides a common language to describe nursing knowledge used by nurses across the globe. 

Additional versions of the course will be available soon in Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese. For more information, or to register for the course, please CLICK HERE to be directed to the Boston College School of Nursing Continuing Education Department.

Susan Gallagher-Lepak, PhD, RN

Chair, Education & Clinical Innovation

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