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The Boston College Connell School of Nursing and NANDA International Partnership

March 11, 2021

Since 2017, NANDA-I has engaged in a partnership with the Boston College (BC), William F. Connell School of Nursing (CSON), to help advance its strategic Goals around the advancement of nursing knowledge and nursing diagnosis. The Marjory Gordon Program for Clinical Reasoning and Knowledge Development was designed to help advance these goals by:

  • promoting educational opportunities
  • engaging in scholarly dialogue
  • disseminating information  
  • advancing knowledge to link nursing contributions to patient outcome
  • Fostering research and inquiry and to advance nursing Diagnosis globally.

Dr. Dorothy Jones as Program Director serves as a liaison to the NANDA-I Board of Directors and Melissa Ayala is Program Administrator coordinating activities between the Gordon Program and NANDA-I. Over the past few years, several important outcomes have been achieved including:

  • biennial international conference planning since 2018 at Boston College,
  • collaboration between NANDA –I and the Center for Teaching Excellence at BC to produce the first on line – CEU approved course on Nursing DiagnosisThe Basics in 4 languages;
  • extension of NANDA-I archival holdings at BC;
  • website development at CSON and linked to NANDA-I  sites;  
  • Implementation of the Gordon International Post- Doctoral Scholars Program at BC Designed to provide in –person and virtual mentoring/research experiences that engage international scholars mentors (NANDA-I Fellows) and experts around nursing knowledge, research and nursing diagnosis.  This experience has promoted research, dissemination of new information internationally and global discussions among nurses about the influence of standardized nursing language in education, professional practice, policy and future nursing research.  As of 2021, there have been three postdoctoral and one pre-doctoral scholars enrolled in the Gordon Scholars program. Despite the challenges of COVID 19, the scholars continue to participate in monthly international seminars that provide a forum for a lively discourse among international scholars and mentors while advancing nursing diagnosis, through research and in education and practice.

We look forward new opportunities and continued growth of the Marjory Gordon Program for Clinical Reasoning and Knowledge Development through the      partnership established between Boston College and NANDA-I. We hope to share updates about the Gordon Program with people at the Virtual NANDA-I/ Boston College conference to be held June 17 and 18, 2021.

Moving forward we look forward to new opportunities for development including:

Collaboration with other groups committed to the advancement of nursing diagnosis, such as the ANA’ International Magnet Program, . 

  • Re-evaluating the opening of the Gordon Scholars Program (later in the fall of 2021) to accept new scholars
  • Expanded communication with international networks and researchers working to advance the goals of NANDA –the Gordon Program  
  • Continued dissemination of scholars research findings
  • Educational programming that promotes the development use, research and dissemination of nursing diagnosis.

  For more information on the Marjory Gordon Program for Clinical Reasoning and Knowledge Development, please contact at or visit

By: Dorothy Jones, Director, Marjory Gordon Program for Knowledge Development and Clinical Reasoning at Boston College

2020-2021Gordon Program Scholars (from top to bottom): Luca Bertocchi-Italy, Rita Gengo-Brazil, Stella Adereti-Nigeria, Suellen Emidio-Brazil