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NANDA International 21-23: A Call to be Engaged in Nursing Through Research

March 18, 2021

NANDA-I is over 40 years old and we know that it started with a list that included less than 90 diagnoses. The current edition includes 267 diagnoses. We can analyze this increase in the number of diagnoses from different perspectives, but the reality is that there was growth. This process was dynamic, opened, included external and internal contributions from nurses from all over the world. This is the beauty of each new edition of NANDA-I: its incompleteness that truly calls to continue searching for the best evidence, to include new diagnoses in the taxonomy, and to do so based on scientific knowledge and international collaboration. Whenever a new edition of NANDA-I is published, I look for novelty and opportunity. It is more about the journey than the finishing lines.  Because each edition invites nurses to think about what they think, how they think, what they do and what for they do. And if nurses’ focus are the human responses, which depend on many factors, then the 267 that are classified are not representing all nursing diagnoses that are yet to come. This is an opportunity to collaborate with NANDA-I.

Join us on this journey, keeping the rigor of the scientific research, towards the best care for all those depending on nurses.

By: Silvia Caldeira, Research Director, NANDA International

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