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NANDA International/Boston College 2021 Virtual Conference

March 1, 2021

We are happy to announce the 2021 NANDA International Conference, “More than a Language: Nursing Diagnosis Communicating Health and the Human Experience“. This conference will be a virtual global experience in collaboration with the Boston College of School of Nursing. The dates will be June 16-17, 2021. We will let you know more information about the conference registration and program soon.

Please Note:

There are no new abstracts being accepted for the 2021 NANDA-I/BC Conference. We have notified everyone who has had a paper or poster presentation accepted for presentation at the 2020 NANDA-I/BC Conference (cancelled due to COVID 19). WE are asking these individuals to indicate on the form provided, whether or not you wish to present your accepted paper or poster at this year’s NANDA- I/BC Virtual conference, June 16 and 17 2021. If you have not received a notification and wish to present your already accepted abstract, please notify Melissa Ayala at as soon as possible.

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