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NOW AVAILABLE: NANDA-I Definitions and Classification, 12th Edition

March 23, 2021

As was previously announced by Dr. Takáo-Lopes, Director of Diagnosis
Development, the 12th edition of the NANDA-I Definitions and Classification is
now available at our publisher’s website (
The inclusion of a diversity of volunteer international collaborators on the
development of the book, and its translation into several languages, should be
Counting on international collaborators enhances the possibility of obtaining a
general overview of diverse cultural and clinical realities. Moreover, considering
that the dissemination of standardized nursing diagnostic terminology is one of
the core values of NANDA-I, the book already has contracts for translation into
nearly 20 different languages, including: complex and simplified Chinese,
Croatian, Czech, Dutch, Estonian, European and Hispano-American Spanish,
French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese,
Romanian, Slovenian, Swedish, and Turkish.
Nursing is the largest group of healthcare professionals across the globe, as
well as the most trusted profession in different countries. The COVID-19
pandemic has placed the nursing profession in the spotlight of the media and of
society, and has emphasized the immense responsibility and commitment of
nurses for patients, families, and the general population. The usage of a
common professional language in the context of care, adapted to specific
cultural and clinical realities, is an essential element to consider for the
development of the nursing profession, and its visibility and quality of care.
We are proud to collaborate on the achievement of this goal by the continuing
effort to deliver evidence-based materials that take into account the views of
nurses around the globe, and its distribution in so many different languages.
We are proud of the 2021-2023 edition of our classification!

By: Miriam Rodriguez-Monforte, Secretary and Treasurer, NANDA International

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