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Conference Registration is NOW OPEN

April 21, 2021

We are happy to announce registration for the 2021 NANDA International Conference, “More than a Language: Nursing Diagnosis Communicating Health and the Human Experience“ is now open. This conference will be a virtual global experience in collaboration with the Boston College of School of Nursing.

Click on this link for more detailed information and how to register:

Please note: Registration deadline is May 31, 2o21 (Once you’ve registered, you will be receiving another email with additional details and information regarding the conference as we get closer to the date).

VERY IMPORTANT: You will need to have an individual Zoom account in order to attend this conference. If you do not have one already, please make sure to create a Zoom account before the conference.

For instructions on how to join and create a Zoom account click here:

For frequently asked questions please click on this link:

Please be aware that you may need to download the Zoom application on your device (phone, tablet, etc.). Please make sure to do this before the conference.We will not be able to provide technical support for any Zoom-related issues. Click on the frequently asked questions link above for help and additional support.

For any questions or concerns please email Melissa Ayala at

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