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The Strategic Plan of NANDA-I: Organizing the present, shaping the future

June 26, 2021

The opening session of the virtual NANDA International Conference offered a taste of the new opportunities the Association has decided to create. Following the vision, mission and values of the Association, the board of directors has put together a Strategic Plan which constitutes the road map for the next couple of years.

The Strategic plan is aimed at three main objectives, which are as follow:

  • To consolidate NANDA-I’s position as the leading force in the research, development, refinement, dissemination and clinical use of diagnosis terminologies
  • To overcome the Pandemic and support nurses around the world to overcome the crisis as leading professionals
  • To prepare for the “day after” the Pandemic.

And, it is oriented to members, clinical institutions, and universities.

The projects which comprise the Strategic plan can be organized at four levels: financial, customers, processes, and resources.

The Directors of the different committees and task forces of NANDA-I presented to the Conference attendees the achievements of the first year of implementation of the Strategic plan, 2020/2021. Some of the outstanding achievements mentioned were:

  • The increase of the visibility of NANDA-I through webinars and other educational activities, mainly related to the development and implementation of nursing diagnosis at an international level.
  • The publication of the 12th Edition of our text, NANDA International Nursing Diagnoses: Definitions and Classification, together with the management of several translations, in 20 different languages.
  • The development and publication of new Level of Evidence criteria for the NANDA-I nursing diagnoses.
  • Initiation of the process that will lead to the mapping of NANDA-I nursing diagnoses into SNOMED-CT.
  • Development and kick off of a new website.
  • The on-line delivery of a course on NANDA-I nursing diagnoses which can currently be taken in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Already, 22 people have finished the course in Spanish or English, and the Japanese version is about to come available.
  • A plan to coordinate the NANDA-I network groups have been established. A general preconference meeting was celebrated to pinpoint the general aspects of this plan.
  • Internal working processes were revised and reviewed as part of an ongoing project.
  • And last but not least, the 2021 International NANDA-I Conference was made real.

The future directions of the Strategic Plan for the remaining part of this term of the board of directors were presented. The main lines of this plan are:

  • To develop new products to generate income to support the strategic plan.
  • To develop an education portfolio.
  • To develop a partnership portfolio to engage more clinicians in NANDA-I.
  • To increase NANDA-I resources for research purposes.

The board of directors of NANDA-I is already working to shape the new plans which will make the strategic plan come true. We are counting on each and every one of the NANDA-I members to make things happen. At our next International Conference, hopefully face to face, we expect to have a lot of news to share with you all!!

Until that day, take care, and be safe!!

Carme Espinosa, President