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Being connected and discussing nursing knowledge during the COVID-19 Pandemic: The 2021 NANDA International Conference

July 27, 2021

            The COVID-19 Pandamic poped up in our lives and forced us to reinvent the way we connect with each other. At some point, we believed that getting together for a social event or a business meeting was just not possible while COVID-19 is around. Offices, schools, and malls were closed; conferences were cancelled. However, as much as these unprecedent times are difficult and unbearable for some, we need to recognize that good things have happened since the Pandemic started. One good outcome is that we learned how to be together, in touch, even though we are separated physically. The development and improvement of technological apparatus and softwares have brought an array of different experiences and new ways to connect with each other even though through the screen of our computers or smartphones. This blog is a synthesis of the reflections of four Gordon Scholars (Luca Bertocchi, Rita Gengo, Stela Adereti, and Suellen Emidio) who participate in the last NANDA International Conference, held virtually.

            The 2021 NANDA International Conference was a hallmark of the efforts to bring together, virtually, nursing students, nurses, and researchers to discuss the role of standardized nursing language to communicate health and human experience. Because it was held online, participants of all around the world had the opportunity to join the 2021 NANDA International Conference. The conference was an outstanding and transformative experience, presenting an opportunity for us to feel connected with other people of like minds in the work of promoting quality and visibility of nursing. It was a great opportunity to share experiences and expand our network.

            The Program was impeccable. The keynote speakers were respected nursing researchers who wisely discussed the challenges of and the directions to advance in the endeavor of naming the human experience and developing cutting-edge research in the era of big data. The presentations at the conference demonstrated the brilliant and robust stage that the discipline of nursing is in terms of knowledge development and Standardized Nursing Languages. The enthusiasm, expertise and passion with which the presenters made their presentations was mouth-watering and very stimulating for all of us. Lastly, but not least important, participating in this Conference gave us a sense of belonging to an inspirational community of leaders, experts, and beginners who share the purpose of collaborating with patients, families, and society to enhance health and well-being of all through nursing care. The Conference filled us with hope for better days and a desire that in 2023 we can be together again, in-person, to enjoy the next Conference. We invite you to join us!

By: The Gordon Program ScholarsStella Adereti, Luca Bertocchi, Suellen Emidio and Rita Gengo