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What do you need from NANDA-I?

September 20, 2021

I have been involved with NANDA-I since I was a master’s student in the 1980s. Things have
changed quite a bit within the Association over the years, and things will continue to evolve as
nursing knowledge advances. One of the constants I have noticed throughout the years is a
desire of the Board members to meet the needs of our members. As the association grows –
both in members and in countries using our terminology – needs change, and the Board
members need to be able to identify those changes and address them.
In our current environment, with limited travel and face-to-face meetings, we lose the
opportunities for informal conversation, feedback and sharing of ideas. This sometimes makes
it a bit more difficult to “take the pulse” of our members, and to hear about the needs of our
users around the world.
However, one of the positive things that we have learned from surviving this Pandemic in which
we find ourselves is how to leverage other methods of communication. It can be overwhelming
to deal with at times, but it nevertheless enables progress to continue. Thus, we want to ask
you to consider jotting us a note – tell us what you need from us, and please be as specific as
possible! Knowing that you want education is nice, but knowing that you are looking for “new
strategies for teaching assessment to diagnosis” gives us much more direction.
I would like to ask you to help your Board members better respond to your needs by sending
your questions, comments, needs/desires to us at: Our program manager,
Melissa, will compile these and share them with the Board monthly. This will support the Board
members in strategic planning and prioritization of activities for you, the members and users of

T. Heather Herdman, PhD, RN, FNI, FAAN
Chief Executive Officer, NANDA International