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Learn from an Expert- Nursing Professor Rosa Rifá Ros

October 21, 2021

Learn from Nursing Professor Rifá Ros of the University of Barcelona, Spain (

Dr. Rifá Ros has been teaching nursing students about NANDA International (NANDA-I) terminology for many years. Her aim is to have students understand NANDA-I terminology and its application in clinical practice. She advocates for and uses unique teaching methodologies to introduce nursing students to NANDA-I Nursing Diagnoses, Nursing Intervention Classification (NIC) and Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) as professional languages, and the Outcome-Present State-Testing (OPT) Model as a model of clinical reasoning.

Rosa Rifá Ros, RN, PhD

Find information from Dr. Rifá Ros on the NANDA-I website by clicking on the menu bar (icon of 3 lines) at top right of NANDA-I homepage, then click on “Educational Offerings”, and “NANDA-I Expert Strategies”.

Professor Rifá Ros shared a teaching method used in her Nursing Foundations course. This course, an introduction into the profession of nursing, incorporates a longitudinal case scenario in the setting of a skilled nursing facility. The case allows students to move through different stages of the nursing care plan, guided by theoretical content, across different lessons. Lessons created by Dr. Rifá Ros include practical exercises and games, thru individual and group activities. A final practical exercise culminates the continuous assessment of student knowledge and skills.

Thank you to Professor Rifá Ros for sharing her expertise.

By: Susan Gallagher-Lepak, Director of Education, NANDA International