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More Opportunities than Threats in Research on NANDA-I

October 15, 2021

NANDA-I is used widely and even in those countries officially using other classifications,
NANDA-I is a valuable resource often used in the context of nursing education and research.
NANDA-I is dynamic and open to improvement in a research-based approach. When looking
over the last edition (2021-2023), nurses can understand the new framework of level of evidence
and the opportunities to embrace.
For those who may consider research challenging and someway difficult, I would suggest starting
with concept analysis. Nurses name, know and use many concepts that are not included in
NANDA-I. Concept analysis is paramount in nursing knowledge development, will not
necessarily produce new empirical data but can be useful – and in some contexts urgent – to be
included in NANDA-I. Researchers should keep conducting concept analysis as a progress in
nursing and development of discipline. The level is of evidence and not of importance. All and
any research that improves nursing knowledge is very important even in a low level of evidence,
which should lead to future studies.
Also, “At risk population” and “associated condition” are two topics within the structure of many
nursing diagnoses that surely need further completeness. Research concerning specific population
would be helpful in this endeavor, even in different countries or cultural contexts.
We will keep you updated with more opportunities. Stay tuned on this page.

Silvia Caldeira, Director of Research, NANDA International

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