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How to Get More Involved in NANDA International

March 21, 2022

We would not be growing and thriving as an organization if not for our committed and involved members. But if you’re reading this and wondering, “How can I get more involved?” – we have some actionable advice. 

NANDA-I is a membership organization, which means everything is member-driven. We have made incredible strides these last few years to become more international in our membership. We have also improved the diversity of job titles among our members, meaning we now represent a wide variety of nursing roles. It’s incredibly important to include the voices of nurses who deliver care, as well as researchers, educators, informaticists, and administrators. But bedside nurses are really the eyes and ears of this organization in terms of how we apply nursing knowledge and how that knowledge is translated into practice. 

One way you can contribute to this continual improvement is by being an active member in the organization. We encourage every nurse – from recent nursing graduates all the way to seasoned veterans – to get involved! A doctorate isn’t required for active participation, and we really need those of you in clinical practice to make your voices heard! 

Here are three ideas for getting involved: 

  1. Run for office. You will soon see a call for nominations from Lynda Carpenito, chair of nominations. Think about how you can contribute your strengths…and don’t be afraid to reach out to her when you see the call to let her know you are interested!
  2. Talk to the Director of a committee or task force. Reach out to a committee or task force that covers your area of interest. These include Bylaws, Diagnosis Development, Education & Clinical Innovation, Informatics, Nominations, and Research. 
  3. Get involved locally. We have seven vibrant international network groups, found on our membership page.If you are in a country or language group without a network group, why not start one? Check out our website to learn how. 

Joining NANDA-I is just your first step. Getting actively involved is your next! We can’t wait to hear how your NANDA-I journey continues. Thank you for your participation and dedication.