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We Need Your Feedback on Our Translations

March 23, 2022

Do you work in a non-English language? We would really like to hear your feedback on our published books, which are available in 19 languages. 

NANDA-I works really hard to secure translators who are nurses, educated at the highest level of nursing in their respective countries, and who have a level of expertise in standardized terminology – particularly, NANDA-I terminology. 

Still, every time we have a translation come out, people are able to find mistakes in the book. And, of course, this includes errors in the original English version. None of us are perfect, and we welcome the feedback!

The other item we care about is whether or not you’re using an approved NANDA-I resource book or if you’re getting a pirated (and often incorrectly edited) version. Please make sure you’re going through the publisher in your language of origin to make sure that you are getting the verified, unaltered NANDA-I publication and approved translation. Many of the PDF versions available online leave out critical content and provide unapproved (and often very poor) translations. Using the approved version also ensures financial support for continuing the work of NANDA-I.

Please email Heather at with the answers to these two questions: 

  1. Are you able to easily get the official versions of our books in your language of origin? 
  2. How good is the translation that you’re using – have you spotted mistakes? 

We really appreciate your insights, as they help us make the organization better.

Dr. Heather Herdman, CEO