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How to Find a Speaker Who Represents NANDA-I

April 27, 2022

Our reputation as an organization is integral to our existence. That’s why we’re pleased to provide opportunities for authorized NANDA-I representatives to speak at your conferences and seminars. 

We often spot events that advertise speakers who are claiming to represent NANDA-I. However, as NANDA-I members and advocates, we know you want to have the best possible speakers with the latest information as to what NANDA-I is working on. That means we cannot let our organization be misrepresented!

When you want to plan an event with a NANDA-I representative as a speaker, please start by emailing She will connect you with a representative from the Board of Directors, or the leader of your Network Group, who the Association recognizes as an expert. Please remember that only our President and Chief Executive Officer are able to officially represent the voice of the Association. 

We want to make sure you are sharing the most up-to-date and accurate information at your events. That’s why we will work with you to recommend a qualified speaker for your event who can best represent the work of NANDA-I.