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Embarking on a Multi-National Research Project

June 3, 2022

Healthcare has no boundaries. And NANDA-I is proud to be an international organization that strongly supports international research efforts. 

Have you ever considered forming a research team that includes researchers outside of your own country? The NANDA-I Research Registry is a great place to begin coordinating your efforts. 

This international database includes researchers who are planning research or currently conducting research regarding diagnosis across method, country, clinical setting, or population. When you peruse this directory, you might find someone with a similar interest to your own. We’re all stronger together, and by pooling resources or collaborating research efforts, the impact of your project could be expanded.

NANDA-I encourages multi-site, multi-country research teams around our diagnoses. Humans have diverse experiences when it comes to culture, religion, ethnicity, and lifestyle behaviors. This includes where we live, what we eat, and our access to things like nutrition and healthcare. That’s why it’s incredibly important to validate our diagnoses in multiple settings and across diverse populations. 
We appreciate your willingness to broaden the research base of our diagnoses. So whether you’re already working on a project or are planning one, check out the NANDA-I Research Registry to find like-minded individuals who share your interests!

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