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How Granular is Too Granular?

June 17, 2022

In nursing diagnosis, when we talk about granularity, we’re talking about how specific the labels actually need to be. How granular is too granular? 

For example, if “risk for pressure injury” is a broad label, it could be narrowed down for adult pressure injury, child pressure injury, neonatal pressure injury, etc. The rationale for having these more specific labels is to make diagnosis easier. It allows us to more clearly differentiate the assessment criteria necessary for the particular diagnosis. 

This above example could be defined more broadly as “impaired tissue integrity.” 

But do we need to have “adult pressure injury” specified further as “stage two adult pressure injury” or “stage three adult pressure injury” or “stage four adult pressure injury” etc.? 

Let’s start a dialogue, especially with clinicians and those providing care, about what is best for them in terms of specificity or granularity in labels. We’d really like to engage in a dialogue about this and get feedback from you, on this issue of granularity. 

Your comments and opinions can be directed to our Director of Diagnosis Development, Profa. Dra. Camila Takao Lopes. Please email her at to provide your valued feedback.