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Improving Our NANDA-I Membership Package

June 24, 2022

We are asking all our NANDA-I members to submit their feedback on our membership package as we continue to evolve and improve membership benefits to bring you greater value. 

What are the top 3-4 things that you are looking to get out of your membership? 

  • Is education the most important membership benefit? 
  • What level of education are you seeking? 
  • Are you looking for more basic information on how to diagnose accurately? 
  • Are you hoping to learn more about research methods / validating diagnosis? 
  • Would you be interested in receiving discounts on books or conferences? 
  • Would a 1-on-1 consultation with experts in our areas be helpful? 
  • What else would you suggest we include? 

Please send your thoughts and input regarding membership benefits to Melissa at We really appreciate your help in improving our membership package!