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Update from Big Data Science Conference

June 24, 2022

Congratulations to Dr. Connie Delaney and her colleagues who recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of this group’s work at the Nursing Knowledge: Big Data Science Conference, at the University of Minnesota on June 7-10. The focus of this work is on informatics and the ways in which nurses can leverage data to magnify the work of nursing and, ultimately, improve patient care. Drs. Heather Herdman, CEO, and Laura Rossi, President-Elect, attended as representatives of NANDA-I, as this effort is an essential element of our organization’s strategic plan. With the introduction of the electronic health record, there is a great urgency for nurses to work together to integrate standardized terminology to advance clinical decision making, workload assessment, and nursing science. Preconference workshops addressed the use of novel technologies for managing big data and the
transformation required in nursing to acquaint faculty, students, nurse administrators, and nurses in clinical practice about how informatics will impact patient care. Conference speakers addressed the issues affecting the competency achievement of nursing graduates, significant barriers in practice, and the strategies needed to assure the value of nursing is appropriately recognized and compensated. Small work groups addressed the following topics such as:

 Care coordination
 Knowledge modeling and encoding
 Documentation
 Analytics
 Education
 Value

NANDA-I members Drs. Christine Spisla and Fabio D’Agostino have been actively engaged in the work of some of these workgroups, and we encourage other NANDA-I members to consider joining groups to help advance the incorporation of nursing knowledge into these important big data science committees.

Take a look at this information on the work groups and volunteer (!

Stay tuned for more updates on how NANDA-I will work to ensure the appropriate mapping and integration of our terms into essential platforms to advance its development and use in practice, education and research. NANDA-I terms were the first nursing terms integrated into SNOMED (2007) and we are currently awaiting the updating of our reference set to represent updated terms. Work to map our assessment data into LOINC will begin soon.

By: Laura Rossi, President-Elect, NANDA International

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