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How to Prepare an Abstract for the NANDA-I 2023 International Conference

July 8, 2022
woman preparing abstract

We are eager to welcome as many NANDA-I members as possible to our 50th Anniversary NANDA International / Boston College International Conference, June 14-16, 2023! 

To ensure the success of this conference and further our mission of developing, refining, and promoting medical terminology that accurately reflects nurses’ clinical judgments, we are accepting submissions for abstracts to be presented at this conference.

Dr. Silvia Caldeira, our director of research, recently presented this 55-minute webinar that details our process for accepting abstracts and tips for your submissions. She also answered questions during the webinar. 

The on-demand webinar is presented in English but we are working on subtitling it into Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese. Watch the webinar, today, to meet Dr. Caldeira and learn about abstract submission!

And stay tuned for information on next year’s conference. We hope to see you in attendance and look forward to your research submissions.