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Nominations for 2023-2027 NANDA-I Positions

August 5, 2022

How can you better serve within the NANDA-I association? 

We are pleased to announce our call for nominations for positions that will be available 2023-2027. Positions available are: President-Elect, Director of Education and Innovation, Director of Informatics, Chair of Nominations, Chair of Bylaws, along with three positions as members of both the Nominations and Bylaws committees. 

We have launched our online application process for you to nominate someone else (or yourself) for any/all of these positions. Our goal is to have a list of candidates available by January of 2023, and published on our website for people to consider. Voting will be held no later than February of 2023. 

We require that those of you who are considering applying for a board level position (President Elect and the Director positions) be available one day after the end of the conference to attend our first board meeting. This will be a time to ask questions, get a good introduction to your new position, and take care of documents that need to be signed. You will also begin the work of strategic planning for the next four years. 

Dr. Hortensia Castañeda (MX) is the chair of this committee, and we have had several applications for the nominations committee and she will be notifying individuals by September of their roles for that committee. There is still time to indicate your interest in working with this committee (notify 

The future of NANDA-I is you! Take a moment to really consider these positions, look at our bylaws (which you can find in our member portal) and read the job descriptions for each of these positions. This will give you some more in-depth information on these roles and what’s required of them. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to