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You’ve had some questions about abstract submissions…

September 22, 2022
We have received several questions regarding abstract submissions for the 2023 NANDA-I Conference at Boston College. This information is an attempt to clarify the issues raised and allow each of you to submit your work for review.  Please read the information below before submitting your abstract.
PLEASE NOTE: If you have already submitted an abstract prior to September 21, 2022, we will review the abstract and make any adjustments needed. You do not need to resubmit!
Steps for Abstract Submission:

When submitting your abstract, you will be asked to select an abstract  category. The category is NOT your research method, rather it is the content or focus area of your study. For example, educationinformaticspracticeadministrationknowledge development, and research. There are definitions for each of these categories which can be found in this recent post on the NANDA-I website, and in the Cvent system you will use when submitting your abstract.

Consider how to write your abstract. There is a format for submitting abstracts in Cvent. When you select “Submit Abstract”, you will find: General Guidelines for Submitting an Abstract, Abstract Format, Abstract Submission Categories, and Abstract Submission Materials. Specific guidelines are provided for paper and poster presentations that will allow for an expanded presentation of your work.

For all other presentations not within the categories listed, please follow the suggested abstract format in Cvent. A webinar presentation is available for NANDA-I members and non-members, which provides the specific structure for research presentations, including empirical research studies, literature reviews, and case presentations. We recommend you take the time to view the webinar, How to Submit an Abstract for the 2023 NANDA-I Conference, that was presented by Dr. Silvia Caldeira, NANDA-I Director of Research. We are unable to accommodate multiple formats within Cvent for submitting abstracts. Please use the existing headings in Cvent. You can integrate additional information for these projects within the existing abstract headings in Cvent.

Please contact Melissa Ayala if you have any questions.
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