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How has COVID-19 Influenced Nursing Diagnoses?

November 16, 2022

While attending a meeting in Brazil, our CEO was asked this very pertinent question by an undergraduate student: How has COVID-19 influenced nursing diagnoses? Special thanks to Francine Zentil Boaro, nursing student from the Federal University of São Carlos, for posing this interesting question!

While we will never have a COVID-19 diagnosis within a nursing classification, this question does bring up interesting topics. How can NANDA-I respond to issues from a community or public health perspective? 

Looking back, it appears that we could have community diagnoses that look at issues such as “readiness for enhanced community response to a crisis or pandemic.” While these terms do not yet exist, it’s certainly a topic worth exploring. 

To expand on this thought exercise, how does NANDA-I respond to climate change or infectious disease outbreaks? How can our work address community responses that affect nurses’ daily work? 

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