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Lots of Buzz About Clinical Judgment in Nursing Education

December 19, 2022

In April 2023, the Next Generation NCLEX will be launched and will serve as the new standardized exam for licensure of nurses in the USA. The new exam, built on a model of clinical judgment, will use new item types (e.g., unfolding cases) designed to better measure clinical judgment, the thinking process that builds on the nursing process.

Clinical judgment is a critical part of professional nursing and nursing educators and employers have renewed interest in developing robust clinical judgment skills in new nurses. Decision making based on clinical judgment is directly related to care outcomes, and is best documented using standardized nursing language, which is the focus of NANDA-I.

NANDA-I is working on developing webinar topics related to clinical judgment and decision-making in the upcoming year. Stay tuned for webinar and workshop announcements in 2023!