Committees & Task Forces

There are standing committees, and will be a number of Task Forces arising from each of these committees in order to achieve goals identified in the 2018-2020 NANDA-I Strategic Plan, approved by the Board of Directors in June of 2018.

Please see information on each individual committee to review its role in the Strategic Plan, identify Task Forces currently in place or that may be seeking expertise, and for quarterly updates on progress.


Bylaws Committee:Makes recommendations to the Board regarding the currency of the Association’s Bylaws through a process of review and revision. The committee solicits suggestions from the membership prior to the […]

Climate Change

Climate Change Task Force:Climate anxiety and mental distress, heat-related morbidity and mortality, increase in infectious disease, and respiratory/cardiovascular/neurological changes – these are issues that we need to consider as we […]

Diagnosis Development

Submit a Diagnosis Click below to fill out and submit one of the four Diagnosis forms. Within each form, you will be able to specify whether your submission is for […]

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion Committee:Ensures that NANDA-I classification and NANDA-I educational products address the needs of individuals from underserved/underrepresented communities who might be overlooked in regard to their biopsychosocial and spiritual […]

Education & Clinical Innovation

Education & Clinical Innovation Task Force(s): The Education & Clinical Innovation Task Forces will be specific to strategic plan items assigned to the Director of Education & Clinical Innovation. Strategic […]


Informatics Task Force(s): Task forces will be specific to strategic plan items assigned to the Director of Informatics, and may include groups focused on linkages to other terminologies, implementation in […]

Membership & External Relations

Membership & External Relations Committee: Formulates and implements strategies for: (a) membership recruitment & retention, and (b) maintenance and development of the relationships of the Association globally. The committee will […]


The Nominations Committee will solicit nominations from the membership for the officers and voting members of the Board of Directors, chairpersons of Bylaws committee members, and Nominations committee members; accept […]


Research Committee and Task Force(s): The Research Task Forces will be specific to strategic plan items assigned to the Director of Research. Strategic Plan Responsibilities Advance level of evidence of […]


Taxonomy Task Force:“Taxonomy” could be referred to as a file cabinet, systematization, categorization, or arrangement. Simply put, taxonomy is a system of naming, describing, and classifying related things. Within NANDA-I, our […]