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Defining Characteristics

If you are proposing a health promotion diagnosis that is related to a problem-focused diagnosis, the proposed defining characteristics should be as consistent as possible with the defining characteristics of that problem-focused diagnosis. For example, Ineffective relationship (00223) has the defining characteristic Insufficient balance in autonomy between partners, whereas Readiness for enhanced relationship (00207) has the defining characteristic Expresses desire to enhance autonomy between partners.

  • Please use the structure: Expresses desire to enhance ___________________
  • Use MeSH terms to comprise part of the phrases, when available.

Related Factors

Health promotion diagnoses may have related factors, if they help clarify the diagnosis. Please use MeSH terms to comprise part of the phrases, when available.

Nursing Outcomes*

Independent nursing interventions toward maintaining/improving defining characteristics*

Interventions that can be initiated by the professional nurse that go beyond basic monitoring, referral to other professionals, compliance with organizational protocol, and/or that do not require orders from other health professionals. They are sanctioned by professional nurse practice acts or regulations.