Being a NANDA-I member gives me the opportunity to network and build relationships with other like-minded professionals as well as mentors. This has provided me the chance to seek information and discuss trends in matters related to nursing knowledge development and the nursing process with other global experts and scholars. More importantly, being a member of NANDA-I provides a career development opportunity for me through the Marjory Gordon Post-doctoral Scholars Program has enhance my research, scholarship and writing, and teaching skills are being enhanced. This is an opportunity I would not have had, had I not been a member. Lastly, being a member of NANDA-I has given me professional recognition and credibility in my country.
Stella Chinma Adereti | Nigeria, Africa
For me to be a NANDA-I member means to have a unique opportunity to contribute in nursing visibility at national and international level. It means to be part of a team of experts that collaborate with the goal of using a standardized nursing language, validated with the most updated nursing knowledge. It allows me to do research with a precise map in my mind, knowing that using it in clinical practice is important for improving patient’s outcomes.
Luca Bertocchi | L’Aquila, Italy
As a member of NANDA-I, I have learned and shared experiences with my peers, which brought relevant contributions to my clinical practice, teaching, and research. I have had the worked with honor to contribute with the organization by proposing and revising nursing diagnosis, independently or when invited by the DDC, validated elements of the classification and am researching standardization of nursing assessment frameworks. I joined NANDA-I in the early 2000’s. Being a NANDA-I member of this organization has meant a lot for my career. Actually, NANDA-I will be part of my career trajectory forever. Being a member of NANDA-I put me in contact with many clinical nurses, educators, and researches, and allowed me to build an important network. My collaboration with them, ultimately, made it possible for me to become the first Gordon Scholar.
Rita de Cassia Gengo e Silva Butcher | San Paulo, Brazil | Florida
Being part of NANDA-I means being in touch with the core of nursing: the ability to make assertive clinical decisions based on the best scientific evidence. NANDA-I is essential to teach nursing students excellent care, clinical reasoning, and team management. Also, NANDA-I motivates/inspires nurses to research and modify local reality.
Suellen Emilio | San Paulo, Brazil