Who We Are


The community of NANDA-I Fellows represents nursing leaders with standardised nursing language expertise in the areas of education, administration, clinical practice, informatics and research. NANDA-I Fellows contribute their time and energy to the organization in a variety of areas, in order to move forward the goal to provide evidence-based clinical decision support to nurses worldwide. NANDA-I […]

Gordon Program

The Marjory Gordon Program for Clinical Reasoning and Knowledge Development is a global initiative between NANDA International and the Boston College, Connell School of Nursing. The aim of the program, which began in 2017, is to advance, educate, and disseminate nursing knowledge internationally and foster a deeper understanding for the articulation of nursing’s contribution to […]


The NANDA International Board of Directors establishes administrative policies governing the affairs of the Association, develops and implements a strategic plan toward the accomplishment of the Association’s purposes and provides a biennial report to the membership at a regular meeting of the Association. The Board acts as the custodian of the property, securities and records […]

NANDA International Awards

Founders Award The Founders Award is presented by the NANDA-I Board of Directors, to those individuals who have made a lasting, internationally-reaching contribution to education, implementation, development, research, and/or informatics applications of nursing diagnoses. 2021 Recipients Marcos Venícios de Oliveira Lopes, RN, PhD, FNI Susan Genarro, PhD, RN Unique Contribution Award The Unique Contribution Award […]

Our Story

Defining the Knowledge of Nursing Words are powerful. They allow us to communicate ideas and experience to others so they may share our understanding. About NANDA International Nursing diagnoses communicate the professional judgments that nurses make every day to our patients, colleagues, members of other disciplines and the public. Nursing diagnoses define what we know […]