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An Ethical NANDA-I Election?

March 28, 2023

Elections have been open for 3 days and we have had a significant amount of questionable activity. Namely, some members are voting multiple times – all names and emails are confirmed and only one vote will be tallied per person. We also have had nonmembers voting, which will of course not be counted. Although this activity is primarily occuring within one country, this is a concern in terms of the authenticity of the vote.

I would ask you to consider your role as a professional – the intent of our elections is to select the individuals who are best suited to address the needs of the Association. The question is not who do you like the most, or what country do they represent, but who can bring the most expertise to the role that needs to be filled? Please consider the bios of those running for office, the goals they have identified, and the needs of the Association.

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