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Celebrating Our First Five Marjory Gordon Program Scholars

August 7, 2023

We are very proud of our Marjory Gordon Program for Clinical Reasoning and Knowledge Development, a cornerstone of the partnership between the Boston College Connell School of Nursing and NANDA-I. The program was founded in 2017. Its objective is to advance, educate, and disseminate nursing knowledge internationally. Through this program, we also aim to foster a deeper understanding of the articulation of nursing’s contribution to patient, family, and community care outcomes through clinical reasoning and the testing and refinement of nursing language (nursing diagnosis).

Under the dedication and guidance of Dr. Dorothy A. Jones, Ed.D., RNC, ANP, FAAN – USA, this program has reached a new milestone – its five-year anniversary, in which we have seen our first five scholars complete their work! Dottie has been a NANDA-I board member, a past president of the NANDA Foundation, and currently serves as the visionary director of the Gordon Program. Her tireless efforts have been instrumental to its success! We know the scholars would not be where they are today without her guidance, nor would our program at Boston College. 

Thanks to the efforts of Dottie and the scholars, at our conference in Boston this past June, we celebrated the accomplishments of the first five Gordon Scholars: Rita da Silva Gengo e Butcher, Chiama Stella Acereti, Luca Bertocchi, Ana Chjoperena Armenda’riz, and Suellen Emidio. These individuals have worked together to develop innovative research, present scholarly papers and presentations, and have collaborated on their individual work, as well as advancing the work of NANDA-I. 

Our scholars’ dedication and accomplishments, coupled with Dottie’s visionary guidance, ensures a bright future for the Marjory Gordon Program. Join us in extending our congratulations and gratitude to this extraordinary group of scholars, and the director of our Gordon Program!

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