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Register Your Research Project With the NANDA-I International Nursing Research Registry

November 3, 2023

The NANDA-I Research Registry is an international database of researchers that have completed, are in process with, or plan to conduct research concerning NANDA-I nursing diagnoses, clinical reasoning, and/or nursing knowledge development. This registry is open to all method types, countries, clinical settings, and populations. The goal of this registry is to map international researchers and organizations that are committed to the research of NANDA-I nursing diagnoses, facilitating networking and identifying expertise.

Recent submissions include: 

  • “Impaired Spontaneous Ventilation”,”Risk for self-directed violence”, “Chronic pain” – submitted by Nicola Ramacciati of Italy
  • “Artificial intelligence-based nursing decision support” – submitted by Nicola Ramacciati of Italy
  • “Breastfeeding” – submitted by Suellen Cristina Dias Emidio of Brazil

Pre-Publication Submissions Welcome

It’s important to note that you do NOT have to wait until your research is completed, to submit it to the registry. In fact, the earlier the better! Part of the goal of this registry is for individuals who are interested 

In doing some research to be able to connect with people who are maybe also considering that research or just starting that research. 

Who Can Submit

We welcome all nurses who are starting, currently conducting or have finished research that concerns NANDA-I nursing diagnoses nurses to submit to the registry. It’s 100% free! It also helps with gaining exposure to your project. When you submit your research to the registry, you will have the opportunity to be listed as a researcher on NANDA-I. 
Click this link to get started: NANDA-I Research Registry

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