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An Introduction to the Approved Anatomical Terms

December 29, 2023

In a continuation of information on our new, approved axes terms, let’s take a look at Anatomical Site (Axis 4). 

Previously, this axis contained a variety of terms at a range of granularity. This variation actually defied a key premise behind axial terms: there should be no overlap between terms in an axis (so, for example, having cardiac, cardiovascular, vascular, and venous was problematic). After significant discussion and consideration of varying levels of granularity, it was determined that we would use the system level to represent the anatomical site.

Submitters of new and/or revised diagnoses will be asked to identify Axis terms that they believe best represent the diagnosis, so this is important for all to understand. 

The eight terms that have been accepted for use in Axis 4 are:

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