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An Introduction to the Approved Judgment Terms

December 22, 2023

As you know, we are preparing to release the 13th edition of the NANDA-I Definitions and classification, 2024-2026, early in 2024. At our recent 50th Anniversary conference in June 2023, we discussed our massive project on Axis revision. We would like to share the approved judgment terms for our diagnoses, and we can now say that we were able to reduce the number of judgment terms from 34 to 11! 

This is important for anyone who is working on developing or revising diagnoses. If you feel that these judgment terms do not provide a definition that would meet a new or revised diagnosis, we will require that you do two things: 

(1) Provide a rationale as to why you cannot use an already approved term.

(2) Provide a clear definition of the judgment term that clearly differentiates it from a term that is currently in use.

The approved judgment terms are:

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