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The Impact of Climate Change on Human Responses

January 31, 2024

Climate anxiety and mental distress, heat-related morbidity and mortality, increase in infectious disease, respiratory/cardiovascular / neurological changes – these are issues that we need to consider as we look at diagnoses and diagnostic criteria in nursing. 

As early as 2008, nurses were calling for the “need for diagnostic labels to describe the responses of aggregates and communities to environmental hazards and conditions” (Green & Slide, 2008).

How You Can Help

We are forming a task force to consider how environmental changes are influencing human responses, and to ensure these diagnostic criteria and/or diagnoses are represented within NANDA International’s classification. If you are interested in participating in this task force, please contact Dr. Heather Herdman at

Some good reading material on this subject is included here!

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  • Birgitta Wannberg says:

    Thank you, I like that very much. Indeed! I wish to follow your work with that. I do like your work with nursing diagnoses and I like to teach it further, although I am 80 years old teacher.

  • Yrene Urbina Rojas says:

    Hi I’m from Peru.
    I live in a tropical area and climate change affects people’s health and their adaptive response to these phenomena. I am interested in participating. Thank you.

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