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Pre-Conference Sessions Announced for International Conference

May 24, 2024

Our 2025 International Conference, “Transformative Nursing: Knowledge in Motion, Synergy in Practice,” will be held in Lisbon, Portugal, June 3-6, 2025. We hope that you have saved those dates on your calendar!

Early registration will open on December 1, 2024, which is when the lowest possible conference admission rates will be available. Please plan to register early so that you can get into all your chosen sessions for this conference. 

Pre-conference Sessions

Preconference sessions will be $50 each for members, $100 each for non-members, and $25 each for MS/PhD students. There is no charge for undergrad students.

Sessions take place on June 3, 2025, and will include: 

  • NANDA-I and clinical reasoning for undergraduate nursing students – Camila Takao Lopes, PhD, RN, FNI
  • Pedagogic strategies in teaching NANDA-I – Hortênsia Catañeda-Hidalgo, PhD, RN
  • Sharing clinical experiences on using NANDA-I – Paulo Garcia, PhD, RN and Suellen Emidio, PhD, RN 
  • Advanced research methods on nursing diagnosis – Marcos Venícios de Oliveira Lopes, PhD, RN, FNI
  • Top tips for publication on nursing diagnosis – Sílvia Caldeira, PhD, RN

Click here to get more details about the conference, and be sure to invite your colleagues, students, and classmates. 

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