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NANDA-I Conference 2025 Abstract Submission is open

June 14, 2024

The NANDA-I conference, a prestigious event in collaboration with Universidade Católica Portuguesa and Boston College, will be held June 3-6, 2025, in the beautiful city of Lisbon, Portugal. 

The conference, “Transformative Nursing: Knowledge in Motion, Aynergy in Practice,” will address the following global themes:

  • the transformative nature of nursing knowledge
  • its importance in advancing nursing practice to serve all people
  • is there room for nursing knowledge in the future of interdisciplinary care?

Submit Your Abstract Today

Abstracts will be accepted for the following topics:

  • Education: Abstracts relating to teaching or learning about nursing diagnosis, program descriptions or educational models, developing new knowledge about educational practices
  • Research: Abstracts related to developing or revising diagnoses through a research process, either quantitative or qualitative; abstracts related to the usage of diagnoses in particular fields or to discovering common diagnoses in a field, developing new knowledge about research methodologies
  • Informatics: Abstracts related to implementing or revising electronic health records or related to the usage of nursing diagnoses in electronic health records, developing new knowledge about informatics strategies
  • Practice: Abstracts related to the use of diagnoses in practice, development or revision of diagnoses in practice, developing new knowledge about practice
  • Administration: Abstracts related to the use of nursing diagnoses in the administration of care or in administrative practice, developing new knowledge about administration

Please visit the Abstract Guidelines and Submission Portal for more information.

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